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Book Recommendation for Healing & Calm

  The book Deep Listening by Jillian Pransky is a gem of a toolbox! As a therapist and yoga teacher in Geneva, IL, I frequently refer to Jillian Pransky’s mindfulness practices. Her teachings lend to epiphanies and her meditations are profound. Deep Listening...

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Why Mindfulness Makes Me Cringe

As a yoga teacher and therapist, you’d think I’d be supportive of the wave of mindfulness sweeping the country.  There are movements for “educating mindfully” and a recent issue of TIME magazine even featured mindfulness on its cover. Mindfulness is the psychological...

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Ocean Meditation

  Find a place to sit comfortably and without distractions. As you listen to the meditation, if at any time discomfort arises, here's a few tips:  just notice your reaction and try to replace your attention back on the...

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Pause and Take a Breath

It’s easy to get swept away by the pace of life.  Suddenly the mind is hijacked by thoughts, body is tense, and spirit is depressed.  In these moments, it’s not about running faster, but slowing down. It’s essential to pause and take a breath. Donna Farhi touts the...

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Tips to Cultivate Contentment

Yearning. Acquiring. We live in a culture that is rarely satisfied or still. There is always a new update, a new version, a new product to “improve” our lives. And while progress is indeed good, yearning and acquiring obstruct contentment.We benefit from advances in...

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How Yoga Heals Trauma in the Mind and Body

There are dark places in life. In these places, the heart aches, there is brokenness of spirit. The one thing I always take with is yoga. Yoga meets you in broken places and weaves you back together.One December Thursday night a few years ago, I received a call from...

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