Yoga Reveals Universal Truths

by | Jan 16, 2018 | contentment, yoga mythology | 0 comments

Yoga is far deeper than leggings and hamstrings.  It’s a complex science that transcends thousands of years.  Besides its transformational powers from principles, postures, breath and meditation, like many other wisdom traditions, it offers mythology. These stories address fundamental questions about right actions and purpose in life.  They existed before art, language, religion, and scienceMythology is a powerful tool for psychology, casting light on universal truths.

Today I share the myth of Ganesha and Subrahmanya’s race around the world, as adapted by Susanna Harwood Rubin.

One afternoon, Ganesha, the sweet and steadfast elephant-headed deity, was playing in the shadows of the trees with his brother Subrahmanya.  In contrast to Ganesha’s contemplative nature, Subrahmanya was a warrior:  rapid and precise, he moved as quickly as light.  Tired of lounging, smelling flowers, and listening to the buzzing of bees, Subrahmanya challenged Ganesha to race around the world.  Wishing to oblige his brother, Ganesha agreed.  Subrahmanya vanished so quickly that he left only a trail of dust on the horizon.  Ganesha sighed, pressed himself up, walked across the yard, and made a deliberate circle around his parents, the great god Shiva and magnificent goddess Parvati.  He then sat back down under the trees and waited.  Moments later, Subrahmanya returned, looking toward his parents for approval.  But they explained that Ganesha had won the race.  He had understood that what was truly important was right in front of him.

Pause & Ponder

What is right in front of you? 

What do you simply need to recognize as important?

Today, can you take more time to honor that which is already present?

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