As I write this, I would guess that everyone reading has heard the pandemic of Coronavirus mentioned at least a dozen times this week in the news. Whether you have heard a story on the news, felt the affects in your 401K or have upcoming travel that concerns you, I would bet this topic is pretty top of mind for most.

So, is it ok to worry? I think a better question is, how much should you worry? It’s okay, even normal, to be concerned and to stay aware of the situation. But constantly thinking about the affects of Coronavirus, what it can do to your family, and how it can disrupt your life will not benefit you in any way.

Many people confuse being prepared with excessive worrying. It’s definitely a great idea to be proactive and to be prepared. In this manner: wash your hands; don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth; and get plenty of rest and nutrients in your body. But to think about Coronavirus day and night, and worry about what this could do to your family and loved ones, will actually cause more harm.

When worrying becomes excessive, it can lead to deplete your adrenals and even reduce your immunity.   As you excessively worry, your mind and body go into overdrive as you are hypersensitive to your environment and always focused on what might happen.  As this excessive worrying becomes a habit, it can even lead to panic attacks. Adrenal burnout, reduced appetite, and disrupted sleep are results.  Ironically, these are all things that negatively impact our body’s natural immunity.

We are all human, and sometimes we can’t help ourselves.  It’s like being at a party that has random bowls of snacks in every corner.  Even if we are not hungry, we can’t help but grab a handful every time we walk by. Because it’s just there in front of us. Just like we can’t help but worry when a topic is top of mind and on every media outlet.

Be concerned and be prepared. It will help you feel like you have some control.  But to worry excessively about something that you really have no control over is not going to have a favorable outcome. Take a break from the news!  Put your energy in areas that bring you joy. Take a walk outside.  Distract your mind with a meditation.  And enjoy the feeling of happiness and living life to the fullest.  Most of the time, things end up being okay in the long run.  And living in this manner will be kinder to your immune system as well.


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