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Tips to Cultivate Contentment

Yearning. Acquiring. We live in a culture that is rarely satisfied or still. There is always a new update, a new version, a new product to “improve” our lives. And while progress is indeed good, yearning and acquiring obstruct contentment.

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How Yoga Heals Trauma in the Mind and Body

As I felt powerless in life, I took to my mat. Synching breath with movement of my body in a predictable manner was the only thing predictable and safe in that season of life. As I practiced letting go into that rhythm of breath and movement, I was reminded how to do the same in that time of uncertainty – just one breath, one step at a time.

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Yoga Teaches to Live Fully

Living well and fully doesn’t mean a life without discomfort. The goal of life isn’t to avoid or numb pain, but to persist and grow. Through yoga, you practice persisting on your mat so you can grow in your life.

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Yoga Reveals Universal Truths

Yoga is far deeper than leggings and hamstrings. It’s a complex science that transcends thousands of years. Besides its transformational powers from principles, postures, breath and meditation, like many other wisdom traditions, it offers mythology. These stories address fundamental questions about right actions and purpose in life.

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Just Breathe

How often do you take notice of the quality of and connection to breath? Our breath is this amazing mechanism that occurs automatically, yet can be consciously shaped. It can tell us a lot about our current state of being. And it can be a powerful tool to bring balance to our mind-body system.

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Get Out Of Your Head

The goal is not to stop thinking. In fact, the wisdom traditions call this the “noble failure.” We cannot control our minds. But we can shift gears. We can shift our attention from the reflexive mental chatter that continually fires through the mind, to having awareness of the fact that we are having thoughts.

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