A punctuated pause in writing makes our message clear and coherent.  Pausing after someone has spoken before you speak is respectful.  Pausing in your own speech adds emphasis.  Abiding a legal pause on the road makes us a safe driver.  A pause in music increases anticipation.

A pause is an opening, it acts as a portal to other options and choices.” —Robert Poynton

Envision sitting down to a gourmet meal. One person inhales his food without even picking his head up from the plate. The second person savors every bite; paying close attention to the flavors as he is chewing, and the pleasant aromas as he lifts his fork near his face. He can determine when he needs to enjoy a complimentary sip of wine to enhance his meal. Or if any accompanying sauce or spice may be needed based on his preferences.  Which person do you think is getting the true experience of a gourmet meal?

Pauses enhance and self-preserve.  But how often do we take pause in our life?

Practicing pause first thing in the morning might offer clear intention for how to move throughout your day.  Practicing pause midday might offer data that energizing or grounding is needed.  Practicing pause before bed might complete the day by settling gratitude in your heart.

Practicing pause is not lazy, it’s necessary. Like the gourmet meal, wouldn’t it be nice to have time to determine what small changes you need to add to enhance your day? What would make it better? And most importantly, allow you to live in the moment and enjoy the journey.

chart comparing stress levels for practicing pause blog

How do you want to feel during your day?  We can’t control what life serves us, but we can control how we respond.  Much of how we’ll feel by day’s end is our choice!

To support you in cultivating a habit of taking pause, there is a new feature on the Wellness Within website .  Found on the Mind-Body Practices tab is a page that links to short and effective videos on the Wellness Within YouTube channel for taking pause at different times of your day.  Check back often for new practices!

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