It’s easy to get swept away by the pace of life.  Suddenly the mind is hijacked by thoughts, body is tense, and spirit is depressed.  In these moments, it’s not about running faster, but slowing down.


It’s essential to pause and take a breath.


Donna Farhi touts the necessity of slowing down in her article for Yoga International, “You Gotta Slow Down to Be Present.”


Farhi explains, “When we slow down we make a place for silence and solitude in our lives. There need be nothing complicated or austere about either of these practices; they are a natural component of any day lived at a human pace.”


Before you defend your business, Farhi reminds that


“The degree to which you do not believe you have time to spend even ten minutes sitting quietly is the degree to which you desperately need to spend ten minutes sitting quietly.”


Practice “Pause for Breath.”  If you find you’d like to practice for longer, use the same method, but count up to 5 AND back down from 5. 


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