Just Breathe

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Just Breathe

Stop.  Really just stop and notice your breath.  How often do you take notice of the quality of and connection to breath?  Our breath is this amazing mechanism that occurs automatically, yet can be consciously shaped.  It can tell us a lot about our current state of being.  And it can be a powerful tool to bring balance to our mind-body system.

Breath as barometer

Just notice your breath without attempting to change it, without judging it.  Bring your attention to touch of breath at your nostrils and feel the pressure of your airflow.  Feel the rise and fall of your belly.  Hear the sound of your breath.

Are you holding your breath?  Does it get stuck or restricted? Does your breath feel short and shallow?  Sluggish? Is it slow and steady without pause? 

How long is your inhale?  How long is your exhale? 

The breath is a reflection of our system’s reaction to a moment.  Sluggish breath tends to occur when tired.  We tend to hold breath when intensely focusing.  Breath becomes short and shallow when the system is aroused or anxious.  When breath is slow and steady, the system is balanced, calm and alert.

Breath to balance

Now put effort into making your inhale equal to your exhale.  Breathe in and out through the nose.  Establish your awareness of breath at the nostrils.  Notice the coolness of inhalation, warmth of exhalation.  Notice there’s no real break in awareness of the touch of breath.  Feel breath fill the belly on inhalation.  Feel breath empty the belly on exhalation.  Hear the deep, smooth, even sound of breath. 

Now notice how your body feels.  Notice the number of thoughts per second.  Notice how breath has begun to create inner harmony as the body, breath, senses and mind are coordinated.

A healthy mind has an easy breath. ~Author Unknown

Commit to Breath Awareness

How long did this exercise take?  A few minutes?  What if you took a few minutes three times a day to drop into your breath.  Just notice it.  Shape it.  Balance your Self. 

Do this for 1 week and notice the benefits.

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