What on earth does this cryptic headline mean?  It’s actually quite simple. We can see wider than we think if we are mindful.

Spread your fingers and stretch out your arms as wide as you can. Test your peripheral vision. Is it bad? Move your fingers behind you and keep testing. Is it getting even worse?

Studies show that we are losing our range of vision. For example, how often do you catch your self at your desk with your shoulders slumped.  Pay attention next time you are driving and come to a red light. How awful is your posture?

We do things today that directly affect our basic human reflexes and actually shrink our field of vision. Whether it’s obsessing about a problem or hyperfocusing on our phone, our field of vision, posture and overall health is affected.

Does this mean we should let our mind wander through random thoughts and live life carefree?  While there are times for that, short answer is no. Broaden your vision, but stay in the now. Perhaps this photo will better explain the meaning…

We need to broaden our vision, but stay in the present and appreciate what is good now. Life will give us many problems and challenges day after day. If that is where we focus our energy, it’s very difficult to enjoy life.

When you are walking, keep your phone away and enjoy what that day is giving you…whether it’s vibrant sunshine, companionship or purpose.

When sitting, don’t ruminate tasks and problems. Listen to the sounds around you. The scent that fills the air.

When worrying, ask yourself if there is something you can change that second. If not, release your cares to the universe and stay in the now. You deserve to be happy.

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